Temple Run: Brave – Temple Run gets the Disney treatment in


Good news for Temple Run fans. In preparation for the release of  the latest Pixar flick, Brave, Disney has joined forces with Temple Run makers Imangi Studios to give the cult game a new twist.  And by twist, we mean a new game – Temple Run: Brave.

The folks at Inside Mobile Apps who were able to play Temple Run: Brave during a private preview event last week said that the game is very similar to the “original” Temple Run. Obviously, the original main character was replaced by Merida, the heroine of Pixar’s movie.

The gameplay remains the same, with Merida continously running along various paths, with a demonic bear named Mordru on her footsteps  Along these paths, Merida has to jump over gaps, slide under obstacles, and, of course, collect precious coins along the way. To avoid being accused of releasing an exact copy of the original game, Imangi added some new elements to the game. These include unlockable in-game tapestries which reveal the storyline of the movie and an archery minigame where you’ll need to tap targets as Merida runs by them. You’ll be awarded with bonus coins by hitting three targets in a row.

Also new to Temple Run: Brave is the fact that it will not be available for free. Disney reason decided to put a $0.99 price tag on the game. We’re not really sure whether this is a good move on Disney’s part, but we’re pretty sure that loyal Temple Run fans  won’t mind paying.

Temple Run: Brave is scheduled for release  on June 14 in various languages, including English, Italian, German, Spanish, and Dutch. Russian, Japanese, and Chinese-language versions will be released on June 21, just in time for the June 22 release of the Disney flick.

That said, it will be interesting to find out how Temple Run: Brave will hold out on Google Play. Will it be as successful as the original Temple Run or will the price tag prevent it from hitting the top of the charts?

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