Microsoft could launch Xbox game streaming device, Samsung TV app

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  • Microsoft is reportedly developing an Xbox game streaming device.
  • It could take the form of a Roku-like puck or streaming stick.
  • The device would allow users to access games and the usual streaming media fare.

Game consoles like the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 remain pricey devices, while the games themselves aren’t cheap either. But Microsoft could soon introduce a more affordable way to access the Xbox gaming ecosystem on your big screen.

Per VentureBeat, the company is developing a game streaming device similar to a Roku-like puck, Amazon Fire Stick, or Google Chromecast. Instead of just streaming your favorite series from the best streaming platforms, Xbox’s solution will enable access to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service and its titles. Effectively, this would negate the need for a dedicated console to enjoy Xbox games on your (or another’s) television.

Console purists might be thumbing their noses at the idea of a streaming stick, but such a device would be an excellent addition to their gaming hardware. A more portable Xbox device would allow travelers to access Xbox games on the road. Think hotel rooms. Introducing a cheaper way to access its titles could also entice additional Xbox subscribers to bolster Microsoft’s quarterly reports.

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Xbox game streaming device: Sound familiar?

This isn’t the first time Microsoft has been linked with a game-forward streaming stick. Rumors first flew in 2016, suggesting that Microsoft was gearing up to launch a streaming stick for $99. Four years later, Xbox boss Phil Spencer hinted that such hardware backed by a cloud-gaming service was within the company’s scope. Considering the slow but steady maturity of cloud-gaming tech, now’s a better time than ever to follow through.

For those not intent on purchasing additional hardware, Microsoft is reportedly working on a dedicated Samsung smart TV app for game streaming. Both the device and app could debut within the next 12 months.

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