How to update your Garmin watch

Keeping your smartwatch’s software updated is incredibly important. Not only do software upgrades patch potential security holes, but they also bring new features and improve existing ones. This is equally true for Garmin watches. The company regularly publishes new updates for its fitness trackers, running watches, and smartwatches. Look no further if you’re wondering how to update your Garmin watch manually. We detail the steps below.


Open your watch’s main settings menu, select Software Update, then select Install Now if a new software version is available.

How to update your Garmin watch

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It’s important to note that new Garmin devices feature automatic updates. Your watch will periodically look for new software updates when connected to Garmin Connect. It’s a great feature, as it means you needn’t check for updates manually every few weeks.

You can switch off automatic updates and perform the update test manually. If you’re in this camp or wondering how to manually initiate an update on Garmin’s devices, follow the steps below.

  • Garmin’s menu system across its various devices is slightly different, but first, you’ll need to access the device’s Settings menu
    • You may need to hold the UP, LIGHT, or ACTION buttons, or use your device’s touch screen to tap the settings cog or scroll to the settings icon.
  • Once here, select System > Software update
  • If there’s a new version available, select Install Now to initiate the update process

Notably, you can also disable or enable automatic updates from the Software update section.

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Yes. Install Garmin Express on your computer, then plug in your watch using its charging cable. Express will look for and push new updates to your watch if any are available.

Yes. There’s no need to manually check for updates on a Garmin watch, as it will periodically check for new software automatically.

Open the Settings menu and select About. Find the software version number and compare it to the most current software available on Garmin’s website.

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