How to unhide columns in Excel

Hiding and unhiding columns in your spreadsheet is a convenient way to show just the data that you need to focus on. Now and then, you may accidentally hide a column and wonder where it went. Here’s how to unhide columns in Excel.

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To unhide a column in Excel, select the columns adjacent to the one(s) hidden, then right-click and select Unhide from the drop-down menu.

How to unhide columns in Excel

You will see a grey double-line between the two adjacent columns to indicate that a column is hidden in your spreadsheet. SImply double-click on that to reveal the hidden column.

excel hidden column

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Alternatively, you can select both adjacent columns by clicking and holding over them or pressing Ctrl on the keyboard to select them. Then, right-click the selected columns and choose Unhide.

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If your columns are not unhiding, double-check that View–> Freeze panes isn’t enabled.

If your rows are not unhiding, double-check that View–> Freeze panes isn’t enabled.

If you’re familiar with VBA and macros, you can also insert the following basic macro to unhide all of your columns. This can save a little bit of time instead of using the menu.

Cells.EntireColumn.Hidden = False

Click the triangle symbol in the top left corner between your column and rows in Excel to select your entire sheet. Then, right-click and choose Unhide.

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