How to turn your PS5 on or off from your phone

With PlayStation Remote Play, you can stream your PS5 games from your console directly to your phone and navigate the console’s settings. It also comes in clutch if you forgot to turn your console off before leaving the house or if you want your game ready for when you arrive. Here’s how to turn the PS5 on or off remotely via the app.

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To turn your PS5 on from the app, launch the PS Remote Play app on your phone and select your console. To turn your PS5 off, tap Settings–> Disconnect.


PS Remote Play 1

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You’ll then see a connection status as the app turns on your PS5 console. Once on, tap the screen to bring up the controller buttons display to navigate the home screen.

PS remote play

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While your PS5 is on, your TV won’t be, so you’ll still have to use your TV remote to light up the screen.

How to turn off PS5 from the app

When you’re done with your remote gaming, you can put your PS5 console in rest mode. It’s a good idea to do so instead of just exiting the app so that you save on energy consumption while away from home. Tap the gear icon from the bottom left of the screen.

remote play home screen

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disconnect ps5 from app

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Lastly, be sure to check the box next to Put the connected console in rest mode. Otherwise, your console will remain on.

turn off ps5 from app

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Unlike the Xbox Series X, the PS5 is not compatible with voice assistants, so there is no direct way to connect your console with Alexa or any other smart speaker. However, if you have a smart TV that can listen to Alexa, then the Amazon assistant can turn on your console by turning on the TV.

How do you turn on a PS5?

Press the top button on the front of the PS5 (or the only button on the PS5 Digital Edition) to turn on the console. You can also press the PlayStation button at the center of your DualSense controller to turn on a PS5.

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