How to share your screen on FaceTime

Sometimes while on a video call, it becomes necessary to share your screen, in order to make a point or to clarify something. While not as elegant as screen-sharing tools on Zoom or Google Meet, FaceTime also has screen-sharing capabilities. Here is how to do it.

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To share your screen in FaceTime, once you’re on a call with someone, go to the page/screen you wish to share and select the FaceTime screen sharing option.


How to FaceTime screen share on iPhone and iPad

Open FaceTime on your iOS device and wait for at least one other person to call you. Once they do, the time at the top of your phone will turn green. Tap it to come out of FaceTime (you will still be connected though.)

Then go to the page you want to share and tap the icon that looks like a little man in front of a rectangle. This will share that screen with the people you are on the FaceTime call with.

facetime screen share iphone

When you have finished, tap the red End button.

How to FaceTime screen share on Mac

Open FaceTime on your Mac and wait for at least one other person to call you. When they do, you will see a green FaceTime icon in the menu bar. Click it, and then click FaceTime Video at the top. It will present you with two options. Pick one.

facetime screen share mac

You will see in the small window what the other person sees. It will also be reflected in the video window you have with that person.

facetime screen share mac

The screen share function operates through Apple SharePlay. Some countries don’t yet support SharePlay, such as Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. The problem could also be due to a bug in iOS 15 — make sure you have upgraded your device to the latest version of the OS.

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