How to raise your hand in Zoom

Online meetings can be a bit awkward, especially when trying to time when to interject when you have something to say. Instead of abruptly shouting into the microphone, you can raise a virtual hand, signaling to the host that you are ready to speak. Here’s how to raise your hand in Zoom.

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To raise your hand in Zoom, select Reactions when in a meeting and then choose to Raise hand.


How to raise your hand in Zoom on your computer

When you’re in a Zoom meeting on your desktop and ready to ask a question, click Reactions from the bottom options, then select Raise hand from the pop-up menu.

raise hand zoom

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You can also select other fun reactions from here, such as a heart, thumbs, or party-popper, to show excitement. After you raise your hand, you will see a hand icon in the upper left corner.

raise hand zoom 2

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Hopefully, the meeting host will notice and give you the platform to say your piece. You can click Lower hand from the bottom to remove the hand icon from your screen when you’re done.

How to raise your hand in the Zoom mobile app

When in a meeting on the mobile app, tap More in the bottom right corner.

Zoom mobile more

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You can select Raise hand and other reactions from the menu.

Zoom mobile raise hand

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When you’re done asking your question, tap on your hand icon, then select Lower hand beside your name.

Zoom lower hand

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If the Raise Hand option isn’t available in your meeting, it could be because the meeting host disabled reaction options. Alternatively, if you are in full-screen mode, you may not see the option from the bottom selection.

Can Zoom host raise their hand?

Yes, the host of a Zoom meeting can add any reaction. The host will also be notified whenever a meeting attendant raises their hand.

How do you turn off Raise hand in Zoom?

To lower your hand in Zoom, click on your hand icon in the top right corner or click Lower hand from the bottom of the screen.

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