How to know when someone blocks you on Instagram


To know if someone blocked you on Instagram, install a third-party app like Followmeter (Android / iOS) to track your account activity. Alternatively, try reaching their profile in a browser or alt account to see if they appear as a search result.


What happens when you block somebody on Instagram?

When you block someone on Instagram, your Instagram account disappears from their feed. They will no longer be able to like, share, or comment on your photos and videos, and they won’t be able to mention, tag, or message you either. Blocked users cannot visit your Instagram profile, and your account will not appear in search results.

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Blocked users’ past likes and comments will disappear from your existing content. If you decide to unblock them later, their likes and comments do not automatically return.

what it looks like when youre blocked

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What messages look like after being blocked.

In terms of messages, blocking people will not remove any messages sent or received during chats with them. The conversation with the other user will still appear in the list when you go to your messages. However, neither user can see new messages in the chat after one has been blocked.

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How to know if someone blocked you on Instagram

There are a few tells when it comes to Instagram’s blocking system. Let’s go over a few of the easy ones.

Search for them on your own Instagram account

searching for a blocked user

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Searching for a user that has blocked you.

Tap the magnifying glass-shaped button at the bottom and type in their username; they may have blocked you if they don’t show up. The main flaw with this method is that there are several other reasons they may not appear when you search for them. If they have deleted or disabled their Instagram account, their presence on the platform will disappear along with the rest of their Instagram data. Thus, they will not show up when anyone searches for them.

Search for them from an alternative Instagram account

Log in to an alternative Instagram account and search for the use you think blocked you. If that user appears when you search for them on your alternative account, then they didn’t disable or delete their account. If that’s the case, then there is a high chance that they blocked your main account.

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Searching for an Instagram user on an alt account that blocked you on your main account.

Search for them in a browser

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Log out of Instagram in your browser and try reaching the page of the person you believe blocked you. You can do this by going to[insert their username here].

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Go to your Instagram messages. Even if you have been blocked, you will be able to see your chat history with that person.

From within the chat, try to go to their Instagram profile. If nothing at all appears, then there’s a good chance that they blocked you.


blocked you on instagram followmeter

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There’s an app that we’ve covered before called Followmeter. This app is free to use; however, if you purchase a subscription and allow the app to access your Instagram account, it will tell you when you are blocked by someone—and who that someone is.

How to know if someone muted you on Instagram

Unfortunately, there aren’t many ways to tell if someone has muted you on Instagram. In our testing, not only are you not notified when someone mutes you but you also aren’t notified if they unmute you.

At that point, it’s anyone’s guess. Have they not been liking your posts or viewing your stories? If you look at your follower list and they’re still there, they may have muted you. However, perhaps they simply haven’t been interacting with Instagram much or haven’t been online in a while.


muted you on instagram followmeter

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As mentioned before, Followmeter is a great app that you can use for free. Along with knowing who blocked you, though, this app can tell you if someone has muted you if you buy their premium subscription. They appear under the tab marked Ghost Followers.

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Instagram doesn’t notify users when they’ve been blocked. What you can do is try searching for them or using an app like Followmeter to find out whether they blocked you or not. If you don’t want to confront them about it, these options may work; however, sometimes you may want to ask them outright to get the most direct and straightforward answer.

Both sides will still be able to reach the other’s profile, but content such as stories and posts will not show up. The other’s account will appear blank.

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