How to find someone on Instagram

Finding people on Instagram is typically pretty easy. All you need to do is head over to the search bar and enter their name or username. However, what if your friend’s name is pretty common, or if you don’t even know their last name? If you don’t think you will find the user very easily, there are many other ways to connect with them.

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To find someone on Instagram, connect your Instagram and Facebook accounts. After that, go to your Instagram profile and press Menu (≡) > Discover Contacts.


How to find someone on Instagram using search

The simplest way to find somebody on Instagram is to use the search function. This, of course, requires you to know their name or Instagram username.

finding someone with the search bar on Instagram

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From the home screen, tap the magnifying glass-shaped Search button to open the search menu. Enter the user’s username or name in the top Search field.

How to find contacts on Instagram

Other methods to find people on Instagram require you to know them already. If the user is part of your contacts list on your smartphone, you can sync your contacts with Instagram.

To do this, start by going to your Instagram profile. Tap Menu (≡) > Settings > Follow and invite friends.

location of finding contacts on instagram

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In Follow and invite friends, press the Follow contacts button. Allow the app to access your device’s contacts list to sync your contacts with Instagram.

allow instagram to acces your contacts

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How to find Facebook friends on Instagram

This method only works if you have your Facebook and Instagram accounts connected already. If this is the case for you, head over to your Instagram profile and press Menu (≡) > Discover People > Connect to Facebook. Your Facebook contacts’ Instagram profiles should appear in a list from which you can follow them.

find your facebook friends on instagram

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You can typically find larger Instagram accounts online. For example, businesses, celebrities, and professional athletes often have their Instagram accounts linked to their Google bios.

If you need a more specific link to someone’s Instagram, you may need to contact that person directly.

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