How to find downloaded files on Android

Every Android phone comes with a file manager, like My Files by Samsung, File Manager on OnePlus phones, the Xiaomi File Manager, and more. You can also download Files by Google and plenty of excellent third-party file managers from the Google Play Store. You can find all the files, photos, videos, and documents in one place, and it’s the place to go to find anything you download. Here’s how to find downloads on Android.

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To find your downloads on Android, open the phone’s file manager. If the device doesn’t have one, you can download a file manager from the Google Play Store. Open the file manager app and go to the Downloads section. You will see a list of all your downloaded files, photos, videos, and documents here.

How to find downloads on Android

Open the file manager on your phone by searching for File in the app drawer. If your phone doesn’t have a file manager, you can download one from the Google Play Store, like the Astro File Manager. Look for the Downloads section.

Depending on the app you use, it might be at the top of the app page, or in the Categories section. The downloads section might be hidden in the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines icon). If that’s the case, you might want to use another file manager that offers easier access to your downloads.

You will find a list of all your downloaded files, photos, videos, and documents in the Downloads section. Some phones make things even easier and have a Downloads Manager app. Open the app and you should see all your files in one place.

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