How to change your Zoom profile picture

A profile picture can help others see who has joined their Zoom Meeting and who is currently speaking, especially when everyone has their cameras turned off. Here’s how to add and change your Zoom profile picture.

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To change your Zoom profile picture, navigate to My Profile in the Settings and select your profile image to edit or change it.


Zoom desktop app

Launch the desktop app on your computer and sign in to your Zoom account. Then, click on your profile icon in the top right corner and click Settings from the drop-down menu.

desktop zoom settings

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Select Profile from the left-hand side and click on the image icon above your name.

profile settings

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Then you can adjust the size of your Zoom profile picture or click Change Picture to upload a new image from your computer.

edit zoom profile picture

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Zoom mobile app

Open the zoom mobile app on your smartphone, tap More from the bottom right, and select your Account.

more mobile Zoom

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my profile mobile Zoom

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Then you can either take a new picture using your phone’s camera or upload an image from your device’s storage.

change profile photo mobile Zoom

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Zoom web portal

You can change your account settings from the Zoom web portal using a browser. Sign in and click Profile from the left-hand side. Then click the image icon beside your name to update your profile picture.


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You can then drag and drop your image file into the box or Choose Files from your computer. Note that image files must be jpg/jpeg, gif, or png and be at least 2M to upload.

change profile picture

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The most common reason why Zoom might sometimes show your profile picture and sometimes not is because you aren’t logged into your Zoom account when you join a meeting. Make sure you log in before entering a meeting to display your profile picture.

Why can’t I change my Zoom profile picture?

If you cannot change your profile picture because Zoom is not working, try these fixes.

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