How to change your shipping address on Amazon

When placing an order, Amazon will always show you the shipping address before confirming your purchase. Be sure to double-check that your package will be sent to the correct destination since you won’t be able to change the address after placing the order. However, you can always cancel the order and place a new one before it ships. Here’s how to change your shipping address on Amazon.

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To change your shipping address on Amazon, click Change beside the address during checkout. To add, edit or remove any addresses, select Your Addresses from your account settings.


How to change your shipping address on Amazon

After you’ve added some items to your cart and are ready to checkout, Amazon will ask you to confirm your order’s details before confirming your purchase. They include the shipping address, payment methods, and shipping speeds. Be sure to verify everything before clicking the big yellow button to avoid mistakes in pacing the order.

If the address isn’t correct, click Change beside the information to select a different address or add a new one. You can also choose to See nearby pickup locations to collect your package from a local delivery site. You will see these same options when ordering through the Amazon mobile app.

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If you place an order to the wrong address, you will have to cancel the order before it ships and place a new order for the same items at the correct address. If your package has already hit the road, unfortunately, you cannot change the address of its destination.

If the package hasn’t shipped yet, cancel the order and place a new one to the right address.

How to manage your shipping addresses on Amazon

To adjust the details of your shipping addresses, navigate to your Account & Lists from the top right and select Your Addresses.

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From there, you can add a new address, edit a current address, or remove any outdated addresses. You can also set your current or most used address as the default to appear in checkout.

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If the order hasn’t been shipped yet, you can change the shipping address from the order details. However, after the order has shipped, you cannot change the address.

If you are buying an item for a friend that is on their wish list, you can still send them the package even though their address is hidden from view. Otherwise, you will need to specify an address to send a shipment.

When entering the details of your shipping address, Amazon will flag any details outside of its delivery parameters. Make sure you are shopping on the Amazon website of your respective country or region for the most accurate shipping rates and estimates.

Contact Amazon customer service if your order has been delivered to the wrong address. They will normally send a replacement free of charge.

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