Here’s a Google Pixel 6a unboxing video way, way early


  • A YouTuber has posted a Google Pixel 6a unboxing video.
  • The phone has not been released yet, so this is quite interesting.
  • The video shows the Pixel 6a to look and function as we expected.

Back in May, Google announced a whole slew of new hardware. One of those new hardware items was the Pixel 6a, the budget-oriented version of the Pixel 6. The company announced a release date at the end of July.

It’s unclear how Halim obtained what appears to be a retail version of the Pixel 6a. However, he runs through the usual unboxing steps, shows the phone’s software and features, and generally does the traditional tech YouTuber thing.

Unfortunately, the YouTuber speaks in Malay, and Google’s auto-translating features don’t do too well with the video’s audio. As such, this will probably be a video-only affair for most of our readers. Regardless, you can still see the phone in action.

If you were hoping for some surprises, though, there really aren’t any. The phone looks exactly as we expected: basically a Pixel 6 but a little more mid-range. The box and other retail contents look just like the ones we saw with the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. The phone operates as we expected with Pixel UI and Android 12 onboard. Essentially, it’s the Google Pixel 6a unboxing video you expected to see later next month, but it’s here today.

The Pixel 6a enters the pre-order phase on July 21 for $449.

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