GStreamer 1.22 Open-Source Multimedia Framework Improves AV1 and WebRTC Support

GStreamer 1.22 open-source and cross-platform multimedia framework is out today as a major release that brings numerous improvements, new features, and many other changes to provide you with a top-notch multimedia experience.

GStreamer 1.22 includes AV1 video codec support improvements by adding hardware encoding and decoding via VA-API/VA, AMF, D3D11, NVCODEC, QSV, and Intel MediaSDK, new AV1 RTP payloader and depayloader elements, new encoder settings in the AOM reference encoder-based av1enc element, as well as AV1 parser improvements.

WebRTC support has been improved as well in this release thanks to the addition of simulcast and Google Congestion Control support, a new WebRTC-based media server ingestion/egress (WHIP/WHEP) support, as well as an all-in-one WebRTC sender plugin.

For Linux users specifically, the new GStreamer release improves the design for DMA buffer sharing and modifier handling for hardware-accelerated video decoders, encoders, and filters, as well as for capturing and rendering.

GStreamer 1.22 also adds Qt6 support for rendering videos inside a QML scene, ONVIF timed metadata support, new fragmented and non-fragmented MP4 muxers, new gtk4paintablesink and gtkwaylandsink renderers, and touchscreen event support in the navigation API.

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