Google Pixel repair program is finally live

Google Pixel phones side by side

Ryan-Thomas Shaw / Android Authority


  • The previously announced Google Pixel repair program is now live.
  • Through iFixit, you can buy genuine parts and repair kits for Google phones.
  • Genuine parts are here for the Pixel 2 through the Pixel 6, but future Pixels will see support, too.

Back in April, Google announced it would partner with iFixit to launch a self-repair program for Pixel phones. The move was a response to a ton of right-to-repair initiatives and, of course, Apple’s and Samsung’s similar announcements.

Through this program, you can DIY repair the most common parts of your phone: the display, battery, camera, etc. If you spend a little extra cash, iFixit will send you a repair kit that comes with the necessary tools you need to actually conduct the repair. You can then consult iFixit’s in-depth guides on how to perform the repair, complete with high-resolution imagery.

Going this route can save you some cash. For example, fixing the Google Pixel 6 Pro’s display will cost you $199 plus a $7 fee for the repair kit. That’s probably about $100 less than you’d pay for the same repair from a third-party vendor.

This Google Pixel repair program won’t stop here, either. The Pixel 6a will have genuine parts available soon after it launches in July. Future Pixel phones will also get repair kits.

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