Google Pixel 6a’s fingerprint sensor reportedly may have a big unlocking issue

google pixel 6a display in hand

Ryan Haines / Android Authority


  • Unconfirmed reports about the Google Pixel 6a are being posted on YouTube and Reddit.
  • The reports claim that the new phone’s fingerprint sensor could unlock the phone for anyone.
  • Google has yet to address these reports.

The Google Pixel 6a won’t officially launch until later this week, on July 28. However, some people have gotten their hands on the budget Android phone, and a few of them are reporting what could be a big issue with its in-display fingerprint sensor.

According to posts on Reddit, along with a few YouTube videos, (via Phandroid) some people who have the Pixel 6a claim the fingerprint sensor may unlock for any person who uses it, regardless of who set up the scanner first. If these reports are true, it’s a pretty big security bug.

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It’s important to note that these reports have not been confirmed as showing off a genuine issue. Google has also not officially addressed these issues, either. Hopefully, we will get clarification on these rumored bugs in the very near future. And if it is true, hopefully it’s as simple as a quick patch via a software update.

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