Genshin Impact: How to change your email address

When you create your Genshin Impact account, you tie it to an email address. You can also link it to your Facebook, Google, Apple, or Twitter accounts so that you can log into the game more easily. Let’s discuss how to change your email.

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To change your Genshin email, go to and log into your account. From there, select Account Security Settings > Modify Link (next to ‘Email’). Complete the Security Verification by having them send a code to your account email; enter the code. Next, enter your new email and have them send a code to your new email. Enter that new verification code, then click Link.


log into your account on mihoyo

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From the Account Management menu on the lefthand side, select Account Security Settings.

go to account security settings

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Within Account Security Settings, select the Modify Link option next to Email.

click modify link

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To change your Genshin email, you must complete a Security Verification. Select Send code next to the Verification Code field.

verification code send

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A six-digit verification code will be sent to your current email address. Enter it into the Verification Code field, then select Next.

enter verification code

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Enter your new email in the Email field, then click Send code. Go to your new email address and look for an email containing a verification code. Enter that verification code in the Verification Code field, then click Link.

link new email

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How to change your Genshin email from within the game


Genshin Impact now allows you to access your account details from within the game. To do so, open the game and open the Paimon Menu.

open paimon menu

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Next, tap the Settings button from the vertically-aligned menu along the left.

click on settings

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user center

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