Galaxy S3 it is, Samsung exec confirms name of the next Galaxy phone

For a good while, the name of the successor to the Galaxy S2 has been as mysterious as the future device itself. Though several reports have given some weight to the the Galaxy S3 moniker, it was only yesterday that we finally received an official confirmation from a Samsung senior executive.

During the recently wrapped Samsung’s earning calls, Samsung senior vice president Robert Yi finally uttered the words that  we’ve all been waiting to hear: Galaxy S3.

It took quite a while for the exec to spell the name out.  In fact, it wasn’t even mentioned until the end of the call. We don’t know if it’s something that the Samsung VP did on purpose, but throughout most of the earnings call, he didn’t mention the Galaxy S3 name once. For example, when asked about the company’s expectations for the phone, he only said that Samsung believes that it will be the company’s “most successful smartphone ever”.

Try as he might to reveal as little as possible, he did finally crack when one reporter asked about the marketing plans for the next Galaxy phone, to which Yi replied that the “Galaxy S3” might see a global launch. We can interpret his answer as a reassurance that we will not witness again a less-than-ideal staggered launch, as it happened with the Galaxy S2 last year.

Now, we don’t know the proper spelling of the phone’s name just yet – it might be the Galaxy S3 or the Galaxy S III. But at least, that’s one more piece of confirmed information about Samsung’s upcoming super phone. You’ll sleep more soundly tonight, aren’t you?

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