Can you see who likes or follows your Spotify playlists?

Spotify playlists are a major part of people’s daily lives. Whether they have been curated by listeners themselves, or musicians and artists, playlists can garner a lot of attention—and follows. If you’re someone who actively monitors your presence on the streaming platform, you may be wondering how to see who follows your Spotify playlists. Let’s discuss that.

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Currently, Spotify does not give users the option to see who follows their playlists. You can see how many users follow or like your playlist.

To do this, simply navigate to your playlist on Spotify and open it. How many followers or likes it has will be displayed next to your name underneath the title of the playlist. Spotify users used to be able to see who followed their playlists. However, in March 2013, Spotify removed this feature in favor of “listener privacy.”


Can you see playlist followers or who likes your playlists?

Currently, Spotify does not allow you to see who likes your playlist or follows it. You can see how many people like your playlist, just not who those people are.

This has been a hotly debated topic for years, dating back to 2013 when people first started requesting the feature be brought to the app. Privacy is always a concern on social media, and even though Spotify is more of a streaming platform, it’s always good to keep tabs on who is following you.

If you value your privacy and want this feature to be brought to Spotify playlists, the original Live Idea is still live on the Spotify Community. In 2019, the status for the idea was set to Not Right Now. However, over 24,000 users have voted in favor of this feature and you can vote for it as well at this link.

How to see the number of followers your playlist has (desktop)

Open the Spotify desktop app or web player and navigate to the playlist you want to review. It should appear in the playlist list on the left side of the interface.

desktop spotify playlist number of likes screenshot

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Open your playlist. The number of followers appears as likes underneath the playlist name. For example, our playlist “Sugar peas!” has one follower, displayed as one like.

How to see the number of followers your playlist has (Android and iOS)

Open the Spotify app and go to the Your Library tab. Locate the playlist you want to review and open it.

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