Best Addictive Free Games for Android

It’s ridiculously funny how people are willing to spend hours and hours trying to beat someone else’s high score. I have to admit that I’m not really willing to spend even a few bucks just to play games. But, yes, I’ve been tempted many times, especially when I knew that the game was worth the price.

Thankfully, there are awesome games in the Android Market that are not just fun, but free as well. So, if you’re tired of your boring life or you’re looking to get away for a minute, get a load of these highly entertaining and addictive games on the Android Market . Yes, they are all free.

Fruit Ninja is a must-have game on any Android smartphone or tablet. As strange as it seems, even if the game was released last year, we are still addicted to the game. Fruit Ninja is an action-packed game that will let you lose yourself in a slashing frenzy. Slaughter all those fruits with a swipe of your finger, and watch how the fruity juices spat out on your screen. Be warned though: after a few hours of slicing fruits and avoiding the occasional bombs, you may end up hurting your fingers. 

Mission Impossible FREE

First things first — this game has nothing to do with the recent Mission Impossible movie. In Mission Impossible FREE, you play Jack, a secret agent who takes missions from his boss. Gangsters, guns, girls, money, armored vehicles – they are all in the game. The 2D-view gameplay makes the controls easy to master, and oftentimes, you will find yourself trying to cross each and every level with perfect scores. You could call Mission Impossible the “Jackass” version of the Android gaming world, so this game may not appeal to some. We love it anyway!

Yoo Ninja! Free

Yoo Ninja is a simple, yet addictive game that features a Ninja who runs around the screen to reach his objective. You can control the Ninja’s movement by simply tapping the screen. Now, this game might sound simple enough, but Yoo Ninja!  is actually very engaging. You will find yourself addicted to the Endless mode where your main goal is to reach the highest score, on an endless course. The Story mode in the game is engaging as well, but rather short, and there are no special cut scenes too look forward to. In the beginning, Yoo Ninja! is very easy, but as the story progresses, you may find yourself tapping your phone like a jackhammer to complete the levels.

The Oregon Trail: Settler

If you love games like City Ville and Farm Ville, you will definitely love The Oregon Trail: Settler. It’s obvious that Gameloft has put quite a lot of work into this game. The animated details of the game are very crisp and cartoonish, just like City Ville’s. The aim is to build up your own town with the resources at hand. There are several mini-games within The Oregon Trail: Settler, and, just to spice things up, you’ll meet a few historical figures, as you make progress with your virtual colony.

iGun Zombie : FPS + Weaponary

Never mind the complex name. This game is addictive as hell and the graphics are outstanding on the Android platform. Your objective is simple: kill as many zombies as you can, without getting your brains eaten. Simple, huh? To compliment the hordes of rabid zombies and the 150 levels the game throws at you, there is a huge arsenal of weapons that you can unlock. Sounds pretty awesome, right? Although its name might sound a little funny at first, iGun Zombie: FPS + Weaponary is a game that you should definitely take seriously.


If you haven’t tried out the previous versions of Zenonia, you have missed one of the hottest mobile RPG games ever developed. ZENONIA 4 is very similar to classic video games like Final Fantasy and Zelda, wherein users will travel to a magical world while fighting evil forces. The best thing about Zenonia is the story line and the gameplay, which can be described in a single word – addictive.


This game is for the Jersey guy or girl inside you. Basically, you will play the role of a wannabe star who tries to become an A-Lister, and, the only way to do it is to flirt, lie, cheat, and fight your way to the top. You start as an E-List actor who dreams of making it to the limelight. And the only way for you to get there is to manipulate people. You will be spending hours at a stretch meeting and talking to people, and trying to get them to help you reach the top. You will be working your way through movies and TV scenes, lining up for auditions, and occasionally poking at a trash can or a pigeon for hidden items. Who said that the life of a star is easy?

Draw Something Free

The Android version of Draw Something is just as addictive as its Facebook version. And there are lots of reasons why this game is a chart-topper in many countries. The concept of the Draw Something is very simple: just draw on the screen of your smartphone or tablet, and let the other players guess and figure it all out. Although the game has a lot of flaws at the moment, the developers are working hard to improve the gameplay. If you have a lot of time to kill, this is the game for you.

That’s it – our top of the best addictive free games for Android! Let us know which one’s your favorite and if we missed any awesome free Android games!

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