What Superphones can compete with the Galaxy S3?

galaxy s3 vs best android phones

The Samsung Galaxy S3 – probably the most popular Android smartphone to ever go into production – has been announced at the beginning of the month, and it’s only a few days away from its debut in several European markets. Now, one major question arises among Android fans worldwide: are there any Android smartphones that … Read more

Best keyboards for Android phones and tablets

Best keyboards for Android phones and tablets

The advent of the smartphone and the emergence and increasing popularity of tablets has changed the way people communicate. Voice-calling has almost taken a backseat, with a lot of users primarily using their handhelds for internet browsing, email, and some, even for writing complete documents, spreadsheets, etc. Capacitive touchscreen technology and the increasing size of … Read more

What drives Apple’s Success?

Apple Logo

Today, at a market capitalization of about $560 billion, Apple is the highest valued company in the world. But what are the true reasons behind the sudden rise of Apple? Before we begin, to avoid being overrun by the Apple brigade, let me state this – does Apple make great products? Absolutely. Does Apple make … Read more