Daily Authority: 🗺 200MP & Wi-Fi 7

Google Pixel 4 camera sample looking down on street view 1920x1080 1

Jonathan Feist / Android Authority Good day! It seems the whole of Europe is getting some time off today, enjoy! Meanwhile, Computex is still in full-force. Wi-Fi 7 is the news that interested me the most today. Wi-Fi 7 itself is not new, but MediaTek’s announced Filogic 380 and 880 platforms (Anandtech) mean we’re one … Read more

Most of you are open to buying an older phone

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE upright front

Hadlee Simons / Android Authority New flagship smartphones get released every year, but we thought that buying an older phone such as last year’s flagship makes more sense than ever before. It’s easy to see why, as performance is still great on many older devices and several brands offer long-term update support. But are readers open … Read more

Does the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 have GPS?

Mi Band 7 colorways 1

The Xiaomi Mi Band 7 is now official in China, giving users another affordable fitness tracker option. The upgraded band sees many improvements, including a larger screen, more health tracking smarts, and all-day SpO2 monitoring. But one other feature fitness-focused users may desire is a built-in GPS. Does the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 satisfy users’ … Read more

Android TV problems and how to fix them

Android TV problems and how to fix them

Android TV, Google’s OS for televisions, is one of the best smart TV platforms around. You get quick and easy access to every streaming and music platform, a variety of games and educational apps, and you also have the option to cast from your phone. Like with any operating system, though, Android TV might face … Read more

How to get Netflix on your Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Header 3

Curtis Joe / Android Authority Netflix, one of the world’s most popular streaming services, has found its way into nearly every nook and cranny of the technological space. It’s available to download on many devices, from smart TVs and smartphones to the latest and greatest consoles. With such high demand, it seems like a no-brainer … Read more

How to get the Spotify student discount

How to get the Spotify student discount

As a student, paying subscription fees on top of tuition and various other expenses isn’t fun. Luckily, many subscription services offer students discounts and bonuses, like the Spotify student discount. Spotify Premium Student is an exclusive student discount for one of the top music streaming services. Let’s talk about how students can take advantage of … Read more

Where am I right now on Google Maps?

Where am I right now on Google Maps?

Google Maps is one of the most useful tools available to smartphone users. It enables people to preview a trip and plan ahead for obstacles. However, knowing how to find where you are right now on the map is imperative to navigating with Google Maps. Read more: How to share your location in Google Maps on … Read more