Add Safari to your iPhone and iPad home screen


To enable Safari and put it back on your iOS home screen, first, go to Screen Time and toggle Safari back on. You can do the opposite of what was outlined in this article. Once Safari is re-enabled, find it, hold the icon down, and in the pop-up menu, select Add to Home Screen.


Re-enable Safari

ios allowed apps

We have already written an extensive article on disabling Safari on your iOS device. To re-enable Safari, simply follow the same instructions, but in reverse.

Add Safari by using search

Once Safari has been re-activated, the first method of finding it is by using the search function. Swipe right till you see the search box, and start typing Safari. It will quickly appear.

safari ios search

Press down on the Safari icon until a menu appears. Select Add to Home Screen.

ios safari search hold

Add Safari by using the App Library

Another method is to swipe left until you reach the App Library. Then search for Safari by looking in the folders. It doesn’t work if you use the App Library search engine. Safari is usually in the Utilities folder.

ios app library

Once you find the sneaky little icon hiding away in Utilities, you can drag it out onto the home screen, by tapping Add to Home Screen.

ios app library move icon

It doesn’t actually go on the home screen, though…

I’ve noticed that when I added Safari back to the home screen, it doesn’t obediently and quietly find a place on the screen. What it actually does is push one of your other apps out of the Dock (in my case, the camera), and sits in its place! It’s a little bit of an aggressive move, almost like, “Hey, you’re sitting in my seat! Move!” It took me a while to figure out where the camera had been banished to.

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